Monday, February 2, 2009

Hide n Seek!!!

AF was due on the 31st. Today is 2nd...still nothing... If I didn't know better I would have got hopeful..but with just 3 days BD and that too during days which were far far from the fertile period..chances of me being pregnant are slim to say the least.

AF is generally really punctual, so am thinking that I may have ovulated late because I stopped taking Letrozole this month. Does that goof up your system? Any clues?


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

No idea - never been on Letrozole. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you get a miracle BFP?

Shalini said... Best Blogger Tips

sorry mate never been on Letrozole... but hoping you do get that elusive BFP!

noswimmers said... Best Blogger Tips

Never been on the drug...ugh, that's frustrating!

Thanks for posting the Resolve info!! :)