Monday, February 16, 2009

STOP ME...before i kill someone!!

Damn damn damn...i am typing this again coz my PC decided to delete my previous post!!!

MIL is here for a week... and am ready to just kill all of them... there are now 4 OLD telugu ladies at home. All they do all day is gossip and watch all those devotional TV channels... CAN i have the TV for sometime WOMEN?

I hate my MIL... (who doesnt?) but generally I cope Ok, but right now m just stretched to my limit... (MIL doesnt know m pregnant)

Granny stays with us, and I manage her somehow... but she is such a 2 faced --- Before my pregnancy, she couldnt care less when I was ill, but now she is fawning over me!! Am I now right in feeling disgusted? and over that she doesnt even talk to me in front of MIL, so not to offend MIl!! Thankfully am not expected to smile and be happy...i hate her and it shows..

They talk so LOUDLY man....HELP, or am gonna end up killing all of them...

I miss my family, i miss my mom :-(

Sorry girls...but where else can I rant?


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all.... I am sooo happy for you! YAY on seeing a healthly live "blob". This is so exciting!!! ((HUGS))

Second... soo sorry abt the MIL situation. I know how you feel. How long is she staying for? Is there a way you can get your DH to cut her trip short? I agree... get your mom to come over. It so helps to have her around. BTW... does your mom know?

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

They DO speak ultra loud, don't they? And my ILs always comment on how "softly" DH and I speak. I always snigger thinking about how absolutely opposite the sentiment is at my end!! LOL

But why are there 4 ladies there? MIL, Granny and who else? God, I have a hard time with MIL when she comes, no way I could tolerate 4 of those!

I hope this week flies by! How are you feeling otherwise?

Chhandita said... Best Blogger Tips

Nikki: MIL, Granny , and her two younger sisters. There was marriage on Sunday but they have prolonged their trip...and man i sometimes wish i could just go deaf! they are so loud...

noswimmers said... Best Blogger Tips

I know ALLLL about crappy IL's. I hope she leaves soon.

Last time my IL's were here I stomped around and put cotton balls in my ears when they watched TV (it was so damned LOUD!!).

Vent all you need, babe.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


please please dont get tensed about people who dont really matter...let Dan be happy...these fellas have a way of sensing stuff we feel, so dont think you are alone,

get urself a small radio if u can and listen to FM or sth on the earphones...and shut out all sounds you dont like.

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