Monday, February 9, 2009

Back with a bang

Nausea is back, with its best friend M/s..... I finally feel the bean might just stick around...Ok Ok WILL stick!!!

You girls are just amazing man!! what would I do without you guys eh? So the due date is 8th October... I am allowing myself to look ahead now...

I am pretty convinced I am going to have a boy. Why? Well whenever I think about the bean, I see a little boy sitting on a tree (TREE? Don't ask man..I can not control my imagination!).

For the last 1 year 8 months, we tried everything possible to get this bean to settle in, but now when I think of that phase, I see this kiddo sitting with a naughty grin on his TREE (ufff)... saying " So you think am gonna come when YOU want? No way man, I will come when I want to grace you little people with my presence. With every failed cycle, he laughed a little louder. And now this last month, when we almost gave up, he said " ok now you guys are ready!"...

I think am gonna have my hands full with this one. He is gonne be one INDEPENDENT BRAT!

@ DAN if I do have a boy, I am calling him Dan, if a girl Danelle. You better send me your pics, I have to show the baby who S/he is named after!

PS: NOBODY told me it was going to be so tough...the nausea is mad as hell, I EXTREMELY tired...and just feeling BLAH...

I had my first set of blood work done. had to get my blood sugar tested as my mom has diabetes... Everything is OK...

One good thing-My arthritis symptoms have really subsided, thank God for that!

Am turning into a cranky bitch-and pretty demanding (generally am the least demanding person). But Mallik is being an angel. Yesterday I just told him I was having trouble shampooing my hair (Ok so I lied ;0) and he very willingly shampooed my hair. We also went out to do our anniversary shopping yesterday (Anniv is on the 18th). Na dhe bought me all over sized clothing he he he...

muaahhhw girls... just keep sending those positive vibes...


yasho said... Best Blogger Tips

Crave sth yet? I remember lots of cravings now... get craving and eating buddy... this is the time to get pampered, and I am sure Mallik loves that...

God Bless

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you ever imagine that you'd be HAPPY having nausea? IF can do things to us huh?

Good that you're feeling pregnant - enjoy it!

And let's wait and watch if it's Dan or Danelle! :-)

Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Seee! You are doing it. You are already picturing the baby as a child. You know he/she is going to grow and be another little you or Mallik! Just keep thinking in the present and future...NOTHING past tense. Your baby will stay put until October. Every day thank the universe for your pregnancy! Lots of thanks for all of your abundance. You may not be working but it is all part of the plan. You have to rest to keep this little baby all ready to show himself to the world! When you have the nausea thank the universe for it! Everything. NOTHING NEGATIVE. I will fly to hyd and tape your mouth and mind shut!

Ok Dan or Danelle as a middle name cus I know Mallik is going to be ummm Indian name na! LOL HAhaha! I will def send a picture of me with something I am sending to you. Just remain positive! Law of Attraction.

Oh and did you get my post re: Craigslist? I think you can find lots of free lance writing jobs there and make at least $15k a month from your bed. Better than nothing if you need some extra Rs and stay home. I used to do it. Love you!!!!

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Chhandita - I don't have your email id, so this is the only place I can reach out to you.

Cramps are normal, and don't necessarily mean anything bad. As far as painkillers are concerned - just make sure you're taking something that is approved for pregnant women. Call your doctor / nurse and ask. For eg, here we are allowed only Tylenol, and nothing else.

Don't use heating pads or hot water bottle or anything. No hot baths either.

I know you said your u/s is in a couple of weeks - can you see if they can do it quicker? You're almost 6 weeks now, right? They should be able to see something this week if they allow you to do an u/s.

Hugs to you - you're doing great! Take care of yourself and I'm sending you positive vibes from here.

Shalini said... Best Blogger Tips

nice work!! my crazy mom is born on 8 october too!!

this bean WILL stick! =)