Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HSG, here I come

AF arrived yesterday. I am actually doing pretty OK now. My doctor is a damn good lady. Spending just a few minutes with her fills me with positivity. She wants me to go for HSG on the 9th of this month and she did warn me that it may get painful. My elder sister has already warned me about it. She went through the whole gamut of IF treatments -- HSG, Lap, IUI, IVF. Finally adopted a beautiful little girl who turns 7 today. Happy Birthday Renee!!!

My sister and hubby don't want me to go through such painful procedures. But I need to. Its been 17 months now and I do think i deserve a few answers.

On a side note:

I don't know how I will deal with pregnancy and motherhood. Everyone around me says that I will make a good mom. But my arthritis scares me. Will I have energy? I feel drained out even now. Cleaning up the house, cooking, a full time job (for which i have to travel almost 3 hours everyday, and we CANNOT afford for me to stay at home), a husband who is studying law along with a full time job, my studies, a 10 year old brother-in-law who needs constant attention. Thank God hubby helps around the house. I feel guilty at times because I know he is working very hard for us. But I just cannot manage it all on my own.

Things I am looking forward to:

DRINKING - That bottle of wine has been calling me for days now. I can finally have a sip!

MASSAGE - I am taking Ayurvedic treatment for my arthritis, and the whole body massages are one of the main part of the treatment. I was unable to get a massage for the last 5 months (COSTLY), This month finally I can take my weekly massages. One word for them "HEAVEN"!!

OFFICE PARTY - I am part of a small team in office who are organize parties and team building events in office. Our New Year Eve bash is something I am really looking forward to.

VACATION- This is my favourite part. Hubby and I are going away for a 5 day vacation during the Xmas Hols. We really need this break. we are going to a sea resort called Surya Lanka.


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

HSG is not that bad. It is painful, but for a short short while. Don't be scared - it will be over before you know it.

Also many women get pregnant in the months following an HSG. It is believed that HSG sort of "flushes" out the uterus, cleans out the tubes, and makes conditions favorable in the uterus essentially.

Good luck!

Enjoy your vacation and massages and wine and party!

Chhandita said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah Nikki, so I told Hubby dearest, but he cant see me in pain (however nuts that sounds) but hey childbirth is much more painful and we are dying for that :)

thanks for ur comments...nice to have ppl to share our IF journey with. people dont around me really don't seem to understand much of it..

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

I had my HSG this month, you can read about it here:

It really wasn't bad at all, and in fact, relaxed me a lot to know that that is one more potential problem I can cross off! Plus the little "uptick" in fertility rates after the HSG made me feel a little better.

I also know how you feel with the arthritis, in a way. I get really bad migraines - sometimes 3 or 4 a week. I wonder all kinds of things - is it right to potentially pass this on? Would I be able to care for kids properly? Maybe I shouldn't be pursuing this, etc, etc. You know how those negative thoughts can just get on a runaway train in your head.

In any case, good luck! I hope the HSG shows GOOD things!!

Chhandita said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Sara...Its just amazing to have so many ppl reach out to me. I dont feel lonely any more...