Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mallik and I are off for our mini four day vacation tomorrow. Will post pics when i come back. We really really need this break...We haven't spend a single weekend together in the last month... I have been really down in the dump and now need time to rejuvenate... what better than some sea, sand and a beach side cottage?

I need advice. We are planning to go to the adoption agency in the first week of January. Is it too soon? That's what the doctor says. But I will be 30 in March, and it may take up to 2 years for the adoption to come through...If I conceive in between that, perfect....does that sound okay? I feel like a amateur at this IF business at times. Something like a fake. I mean i have seen amazing women who have been trying for 7, and even 10 years!!! But I don't think I can take this for too long... I am just exhausted...

So Merry Christmas to all of you and lots of baby dust.... Am gonna try and forget about IF for a few days..

PS: I just read Jewel's blog and she had mentioned about "what is one or are some of the worst things people have said to you during your infertility and/or loss journey?" Well I just had to mention about what happened in my office yesterday. One of my colleagues was having a bay and we were tracking the situation with hourly calls. One of my other colleagues told me that this particular hospital allows husbands to accompany their wives inside the labour room. Now that's pretty rare in India...

So I got all excited and said that when I have a baby I will go to this hospital. And what did my colleague say to that? " Get pregnant first". This person knows that I am trying...and struggling..so I am not allowed to even dream now?


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Have a great vacation guys! I wish I could go off on a break somewhere too! (I have been secretly looking for deals, in case we need a WTF vacation if our IVF fails!)

About your question - I think the point first is to be ready for adoption, which you've mentioned a couple of times that you are. In which case, sure, there's no harm initiating the process. We know it takes a couple of years, and you don't want to keep waiting like DH and I did, because there never is a logical hard deadline to TTC. There's always next cycle that brings hope, and in that "chakkar", you don't want to suddenly realize you're turning 35 or 37, and wish that you had initiated the adoption process earlier.

I'm sorry that the woman in your office was so insensitive! I would have said something real nasty back to her! Seriously - some people need a lesson in emotional intelligence!

We'll "see" you next week - have a great holiday. Travel safe!

margelina said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting with understanding. I hope your vacation is everything you and your hubby need! ((hugs)) and Merry Christmas!

Heavy heart said... Best Blogger Tips

Have a great holiday Chhandita..and about that nasty woman..I can understand if you didnt react 'coz you were stunned..but dont get upset..Her words only tell us what kind of a jerk she is..it says nothing about your/our situation..I tend to get hurt too..so I wouldnt want you to go through the same thing..It just isnt fair to ourselves!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you have a great break - this process is exhausting and any reconnection I can do with my hubby is so valuable.

I have heard that some adoption agencies require you to be "done" with fertility treatments so that you are "committed" to the adoption process - crazy, I know.

Also - co-workers are notorious in the IF world for being insensitive morons - I try to let it go or I cannot work in peace!!! Merry Christmas!