Friday, October 24, 2008


The weekend is here :) my job as an editorial manager is fun.. but I am not really looking forward to this weekend..have a HUGE family lunch on Sunday... and if you are not an Indian, you have no clue how nasty it can get..all of my DH's extended family will be there..yuckk.....and I start on my progesterone that day so.......

I wish my family was here with me, but they live so far away :( miss them so much... imagine being in a city, 1600 kms away from family, in a city which doesn't speak yourlanguage... it was a tough first year for me after marriage..things have settled down but still...

on another note: one of my ex colleagues (friend) has been calling me, and i haven't taken her call..she is going through a bad phase and i was there for her.. but i did tell her a week back that i needed time alone, away from people who are worried for me,and asked how i was..I am not someone who shares her feeling with everyone. I like being strong...and when I am weak, I like to ride through that alone... maybe it is wrong, but it is the way I DEAL... shouldn't I have that freedom? does this make me a bitch? I have realized that peope who have not dealt with infertility dont really understand it, so I try not discuss it with them... I dont need HELP, I just need to be LEFT ALONE for some time.....


Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

You are going to have to share with me in an email about how nasty this can get! I want to know if it is anything like German families or Italians?

On the other note: Taking time out for YOU is not selfish nor is it bitchy. A true friend will understand this and know that you are not blocking them out or being hurtful...but you need to do things to mend you and this is how you do it. We are alot alike in this way. We email each other when we are up to it and when we are not, we still know the other is ok but taking time out. It is your time to be there for YOU and don't YOU feel bad about it! We are all here when you need us. And supporting you no matter what.



Chhandita said... Best Blogger Tips

Ya Dan, not everyone understands, maybe thats why I dont have too many friends.. :) thanks babes..