Monday, May 23, 2011

What is happiness for you?

You should be happy. You have everything you ever wanted. Life is complete. But you feel that gnawing hole in your existence. Something is missing. Something so intangible, that you don’t even know what it is, forget about getting it. Maybe that’s how life is supposed to be. Maybe it is just not possible to be completely happy and satisfied. Maybe but I just can’t accept that. There cannot be any other reason for our existence but to be happy. All we do, every action of ours is in pursuance of happiness.

So why are we never truly and completely happy? Why is there something missing in life, no matter what we achieve or possess?

Personally I believe that the happiness comes in the working for the desired goal, not in achieving it. Couples that are always WORKING at making their marriage successful are happy because they are not content to sit back and say, “Well, I’m now happy, nothing else to do.” Getting our home or yard decorated or landscaped is fun while we are doing it. Not in standing on the sidewalk with our hands on our hips looking at it. We often THINK that when we are done we will then be happy, not so. Anticipating a long vacation, planning, arranging details, making reservations is often more engrossing and rewarding than actually doing the anticipated activities.

Music!! yup, music makes me happy. Can any one not like music? I thrive on music.  I love music whether it’s the swing of jazz, energy of rock, depth of blues or the head banging noise of heavy metal; I lap it all up.
Music is the universal language that speaks to everyone. I may not understand a word of a Spanish song, but its beats, rhythm, its life is enough to make me alive to it. I cannot sing, but I admire and envy those who can. Music makes me alive, it gives my life a meaning even when all else fails to lift my spirits. Listening to a good piece of music can make a thousand miserable moments worth living for. When you hear your favourite song, you feel its being played especially for you, you feel you foot tapping. Music not only touches your body but engulfs your soul too.
Today I am at peace..not because someone gave me an expensive gift, but because I am living my life from my heart....its a beautiful world, if u see it from my eyes...I was upset till I was expecting another to make me complete, till I was waiting for another to fill my life with happiness, and the moment I looked inwards, into my soul, I found all the happiness in the world, all the love in the world.....

Today I know what Buddha meant when he said ‘you, more than anyone else in this world, deserve your love and affection’...I sure do .....

I wish my soul was always so steady and loving...but I know that’s not possible...I will falter..but my real courage will be in getting up...

So I am not someone who will earn in millions, I am not someone who will win a beauty pageant; I am not someone who will win a prize for literature...

I am still special....because I am me!!!!.....I am as special as the birds and the I don’t have big ambitions, if only I can make a person smile, if only I can make one person happy for a moment...that’s a life well lived......

Don’t love me because I am intelligent, beautiful or successful, love me because I am me...the soul that loves the God in every being,
‘I believe in angels, something good in everything I see....’..for the first time I am writing something without caring that someone might read it...........FREEDOM!!!!


St Elsewhere said... Best Blogger Tips



Well, I know Marijuana is legit in India, but you had too much?

LOLOL...just joking. You know, I still don't know what happiness is , but I sure know that one must always have space for oneself, inspite of all the other relations you build with the world.

C said... Best Blogger Tips

@St Elsewhere Its been ages since I had weed swthrt is just a good day. Just feel happy in my skin. This feeling has become so rare that I just wanted to write down what I am feeling..the feeling is all ready fading though...sigh

Esperanza said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. I also try to find direction and comfort in the teachings of Buddha. Right now I don't have as much time as I would like to commit to that area of my life, but I take heart in my certainty that if my path through life were to get difficult, his teachings would guide me through them.

C said... Best Blogger Tips

@Esperanza I practice Buddhism, wish I was more disciplined about it though! But honestly, it has brought so much peace into my life. It has actually saved me.

Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

love this.. needed it very much. I'd hug you if you were a little bit closer ;)

My Infertile Confessions said... Best Blogger Tips

Stopping by for ICLW! Great post! I'm not sure if one can be "happy" all the time but, content, yes! I do feel happy at the moment and definitely content. I know it, because we live in the world, it is full of ups and downs. That is just life.

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

Truly a wonderful, beautiful post. I'm glad you were able to capture the feeling in words.


Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful, beautiful post. I'm glad you were able to capture the feeling in words.


jjiraffe said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll tell you what makes me happy: THIS POST! Love the wisdom, but also the lightness of spirit. You're right, of course, that the action of completing a goal is as joyful as the completion of the task, if not more so. I had forgotten that lesson.

Alec said... Best Blogger Tips

I've written about balance in the past, and its importance to an infertile woman. Very refreshing!


C said... Best Blogger Tips

I found your blog through ICLW! This is such a beautiful post.

Looking forward to following your adoption journey!

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Stopping by from ICLW -

What an inspiring post! I look forward to reading more and sharing your journey with you.


Kymberli said... Best Blogger Tips

I got here through the Round Up. What beautiful words to read, and were definitely needed. I need to bookmark this one to read again whenever I need a pick-me up. I feel like I'm in that flux of being somewhat happy but waiting for all the right things to click into place so that I can be REALLY happy. I need to remember more often that I need to inhale the happiness I have and use it for everything it's worth.

Thanks. :)

SmartOneKym said... Best Blogger Tips

I think Blogger at my comment. Boo.

Instead of typing out the whole three paragraphs I'd originally written, I'll just say thanks. I needed to read these words today and I've bookmarked this post to read again and again when I need to.

OliveLEAH said... Best Blogger Tips

I find myself forgetting to work at it...but this post is a great reminder...

Aramelle @ One Wheeler's World said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so far behind, so I am just getting to this. I'm really glad that you had such a great moment of contentment. I hope that feeling is staying with you!

SurlyMama said... Best Blogger Tips

Just checking in since I haven't seen a post in a while, hope all is well.

Jjiraffe said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello? I miss your posts...I hope all is well and you are happy as ever :)

Toyin O. said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, music can bring light in my darkest of moments.