Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving on...

Now that the mess created by the Anon commenter is behind me, I can do what I love doing..Blog!
 This is going to be a bullet point post because a) I got a lot to share b) I am lazy!

  • I am busy. With a almost 20 month old toddler it possible cannot be otherwise. But I am also busy with A (remember M's cousin brother who stays with us). He is 13 so you can imagine what I have to deal with. I am also pretty sick of my OCD when it comes to keeping the house clean. NOTE TO SELF: sweeping the house 10 times a day is STUPID, specially when you got a 20 month old!! I have started my research on dad and hope to get something done in that front soon. We'll also be launching our website on the 30th of May (more on that after the launch). The website is taking up a lot of time. I have also taken up some work from home projects. and I am super excited about doing a guest post for one of my favourite bloggers and an amazing human. So, yes..super busy but HAPPPY busy. I love earning money, hate asking others for money.
  • I am in the middle of an arthritis flare up. I have learned to live with it now. I refuse to take steroids and am treating it with Ayurvedic medicine. As I said, learning to live with it.
  • Danny starts school next month. Its actually play school, 3 hours everyday. Can't believe Danny will be going to school. Where is time flying. NOTE TO SELF: savour each moment before its gone.
  • No news on the adoption front. MIL asked me to give away D's old swing and stroller. I was saving them for my daughter. They are a symbol of hope for me. If I give them away, I will feel like we are closing our doors. I know we can always buy new ones but for me, when we bought them, they were for D and and Aryana. Untill Aryana comes into our lives, they will stay put and take up space (as MIL said)
  • Happy to have spent the last 15 days without M's granny. Not easy to stay with an 84 year old you know!
  • I maybe jinxing myself but got to share this with you girls. Danny has not woken up at night for milk this week. He wakes up once still, for water (its crazy hot here). Way better then drinking formula thrice a night. Now fingers crossed that the trend continues.
  • I attended a Buddhist meeting this Saturday. We sang a beautiful song there and I wanted to share it with you..here are the lyrics:

    Dare to believe there's a song in your heart
    Dare to believe in your dreams
    Nothing can stop you from playing your part
    As long as you dare to believe

    Too many people hold themselves back
    When they should be reaching out
    Too many people on the wrong track
    Led astray by a seed of doubt
    We don't have to live that way
    The sun is up on a brand new day

    Too many people say its al-right
    never seeing a need to change
    too many people hiding their light
    underneath a cloud of pain
    We don't have to bow our heads
    Lift them up sing joy instead

    And there's no time like the present time
    I am gonna go non stop, right now
    I have got something that I know is mine...

    PS: Just realized that today I completed four years of blogging! Wow!


Esperanza said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for updating us on all that is going on. You sound very busy! I hope the website launch goes well.

I can actually imagine life with a 13 year old as I teach them for a living. Oh man, 5 weeks until school is out!

So glad D is sleeping better. I hope that keeps up.

I say keep what you want to keep! Save that stuff for your daughter and tell your MIL to take a hike. Seriously.

Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ack.. comment hate. I've been preparing myself for that day, but hate that you're having to go through it and glad you're not letting it get to you.
Aaaaaaaaand Happy BlogBirth day!

Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ack.. comment hate. I've been preparing myself for that day, but hate that you're having to go through it and glad you're not letting it get to you.
Aaaaaaaaand Happy BlogBirth day!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the lyrics - is there music to that? Is it a published song?

Ignore the anon commenters that are just haters. That's what delete is for. Just remember all the positive stuff and all the people you will inspire and touch.

Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!!!!!

Jjiraffe said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't wait for you to tell us more about the website launch!! Yay :)

Sounds very, very busy...and I'm with Esperanza: keep the stuff!

Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Chhandi!!! How are you dear? And who is this bastard commenter? Anyway, we need to catch up, I have LOADS to tell you. I will be back on FB in a few weeks, I promise. Love you girl and hope you are doing well!

MICHELE CERVONE SCOTT said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on 4 years of blogging! I'm a first-time visitor (IComLeavWe) and an adoptive mom. Thanks for sharing those lyrics. I needed them today. I'll be praying you get to use that swing and stroller again soon!