Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My story? Danny is ill, taking antibiotic shots for the last 5 days and the nurse at clinic? she rolls her eyes when my D starts crying...yeah, I surely need to tell my 16 month old to be brave! hell, he is being such a nuisance to others. SO what if he was ill this whole last week? So what if he had taken 5 shot in his little tush? So what if he today has rashes all over his body, and had blood taken - second time in less then a week?


Aisha said... Best Blogger Tips

People like that have no business working with children- or people for that matter. Ugh. Sorry to hear the little guy is sick- hope he gets well soon!

Aisha said... Best Blogger Tips

I also just realized your'e a mommy blogger- and a desi blogger! Would love to include you in my directories that I'm compiling if you're interested? My Latina friends who blog have such a strong network and unfortunately I have not yet found that in our community- I'm hoping that with at least a listing of who is blogging while desi its a start, :)