Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy, yet...

I am happy, I truly am! Knowing that I will be a mom next year, knowing I finally will have that much cherished child...But I still am hurting somewhere deep inside my soul. I still want to get pregnant, I still want to feel the child move inside my womb....Am I selfish? I am trying to hold onto my new year resolutions, and doing pretty well...But I think the realization that the pain of infertility is something I just have to learn to live it is setting in...

I still want a BFP I still want to experience m/s... So girls don't stop sending me those baby vibes...


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

No you're not selfish. It's perfectly normal to want to experience pregnancy and childbirth. I am going to keep sending you baby vibes. Good luck!

margelina said... Best Blogger Tips

Just because you aremoving forward with adoption doesn't mean you have to give up TTC...so I hope and pray that while you are waiting to adopt, you get your miracle!

nh said... Best Blogger Tips

Nope - not selfish. That's exactly how I feel. I want to experience that. And deciding on ways forward doesn't suddenly stop that wanting.

MamaSoon said... Best Blogger Tips

More more more more baby vibes for you! GOOOOOO 2009~!