Monday, January 19, 2009


Life is kinda stuck. Our adoption process has come to a grinding halt. Some of the documents we need are proving hard to procure. TTC journey is in a limbo too. We seem to have lost all energy to BD. TMI, but we BD only twice this month! I don’t know what’s wrong. Sex just doesn’t appeal anymore. IS it normal? Did you guys face anything like this? I need suggestions, girls....

Work is hectic and i am in the middle of an arthritis flare-up. All my joints are achy.

I just feel very, very exhausted...I do think I need to go to a doctor. I am not sleeping well at night and am feeling really unwell. Problem is that I am a hypochondriac and people generally don’t take me seriously, so I do tend to hide my ailments.

On a good note, Mallik told his grandmother about our adoption plans and she was surprisingly supportive! She did say that we should have one of our own too, but didn’t make any negative noise about adoption. I seriously didn’t expect that! So, am pretty happy about the acceptance our kid will get from Mallik’s family. And my family is super excited, there was never a problem from my family, they are super cool.

My Friend Dan is sending me some kind of a lucky charm from US. And am asking Nikki to lend me her lucky book ;-)
So that’s all from my end (not that people were waiting for my post with bated breath!). Till later...


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) I will bring my book and give it to you the next time I'm in Hyd! Promise!

I hope you feel better soon. And yes, BDing while TTC is the worst thing to do! TMI here too, but repeated IVFs, D&Cs, surgeries, injections and medicines etc don't do wonders for our sex drive either. I'd say "Lucky girl" to you for your "twice a month" confession!

Yay for grandma being supportive! Now hopefully your mom in law will be nice about it all too...

sangeeta said... Best Blogger Tips

Each time I get anxious .... I look up yr blog and I UNDERSTAND.

YES, to yr Q .... when you do it fr its own sake. I used to think, oh my God, what a nice feeling, finally sex without Cs. But when I cud not conceive fr long becoz of some hormonal problems ... seeing my biological clock ticking past 32took away all pleasures of BD! So it is normal feeling this way.

I threw all caution to the winds and began living it up, till the day I had my miracle.

You too will have yr miracle, Chhandy, only God knows best HOW ...BFP,adoption or perhaps both, who knows!

Love you ...God bless you!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! It's Jennifer, you posted on my blog "JourneyToBecomingAMommy" I just want to let you know that if you need someone to talk to about the adoption process you can email me at JM_Cello AT

Devanshi ~ Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips lost on the BDing. What does that stand for? And dont you worry, this will happen! It will. Just keep telling yourself you will have it or the adoption. And I am going to have the charm (tawiz) sent directly from India to you. I am afraid Speed Post might open it and take it. As has been the case before. Shreesh is sending you some other things from me. We are on to you and know this will happen! Love you!

I Believe in Miracles said... Best Blogger Tips

Candles, music, fun clothes always seem to help us BD... that and not having it timed to a specific time - just doing it for fun...


nh said... Best Blogger Tips

sending you lots of (((hugs)))
Sorry it's so tough!

As to the BDing - yes! I wish I could suggest something, but it becomes so difficult.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

BDs do suck. Especially if there is a purpose behind it. And like Nikki said, the needles, the surgeries, the hormone-induced bloatiness don't help either! Good Luck!
I am sorry that the adoption process is slow. But its awesome that your family is open to it!