Monday, November 2, 2009

Do you like music?

It’s a question I have been asked numerous times. And I am always bewildered about what my response should be! Can any one not like music? What kind of music is the second question I am asked. Any kind!! I love music, whether it’s the swing of jazz, energy of rock, depth of blues or the head banging noise of heavy metal; I lap it all up. Although heavy metal is a little tough to handle!
Music is the universal language that speaks to everyone. I may not understand a word of a Spanish song, but its beats, rhythm, its life is enough to make me alive to it. Can some one really not like music? I keep coming back to this question because I am still to meet a person who does not like music! It is just not possible! I agree that the intensity might vary. But this article is about my passion for music so whether or not others appreciate this beautiful gift can be discussed later!
I cannot sing, but I admire and envy those who can. Music makes me alive; it gives my life a meaning even when all else fails to lift my spirits. Listening to a good piece of music can make a thousand miserable moments worth living for. When you hear your favourite song, you feel its being played especially for you, you feel you foot tapping. Music not only touches your body but engulfs your soul too. I think music is a very pure form of communication. Almost anyone can understand it.
Sometimes chords and melody and rhythm can say things that are beyond words. To me, music is the greatest drug in the world (not that I've tried very many)... it can pick me up, make me think, smile, sing, cry, dance... I really love to dance:happy That's another great thing about music. Music is meditation. At least for me. When I feel down and out, when the world seems all-bleak, all I need is a good song, and I am ready to face the world. I actually try and listen to good music right at the beginning of the day, and then I feel empowered, peaceful and happy!
What can beat the feeling of listening to your favourite Kishore Kumar number, sipping on a cup of tea, while the rain drenches the trees outside your window? Or humming on “kisiki muskurahato pey ho nisar” when feel a little low?
What can be more romantic than Niel Diamond crooning “play me”, or more nostaligic then “its yesterday once more” by the carpenters? The kind of music that reminds me of the people that i love most…


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree - music is the best stress buster and mood lifter for me too. Calms me down instantly!

Cyndi W said... Best Blogger Tips

I too can not sing. But envy those that do it so well. What a great idea, to listen to music first thing in the morning to get myself moving! I'm going to give it a try....Cyndi