Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time flies..

It seems like yesterday when I did took that HPT, and Danny will be 2 month old in 4 days! Time sure flies.

For a little 2 month old, Danny has managed to turn our lives upside down! he refuses to sleep beyond an hour during the day and refuses to sleep anywhere but my lap. Its tough but hey in a few months when he starts crawling, he will constantly ask me to put him down. This is the only time for me to really cuddle him right?


Cyndi W said... Best Blogger Tips

You always have the best outlook! Yes, babies are wonderful and cuddly at this sweet newborn age. You are definitely right, once they get a little freedom, they want to be down a lot more. How about an updated picture of the little guy. I've been dying to see his cute little face again, and how he's grown. Love, Cyndi