Monday, March 2, 2009

It must be the Hormones...

Well, yeah, am just bored....

Today am 8 weeks 5 days pregnant, pretty cool eh? No puking thankfully, but nausea comes and goes. Doctor says my uterus is growing nicely (it better be, all those cramps have to lead to something)....and am super tired, i mean super super super tired.........

But the worst.... am being a bitch, the hormones have really kicked in and I can just shoot a few people... am not talking about being sad and lonely (thats something I am trying to deal with), am talking about being super cranky and hating my in laws!!!

MIL was here over the weekend, oh and they are being so so so sweet, telling what to eat, asking where we are going, asking me not to travel, telling Mallik not take me out....the best part? Mallik shouted at them!!! and told them that he will do what he wants to ye ....

Am a bitch, right? I mean am waiting for the baby to come so can take revenge on them ***EVIL GRIN***...wait till they discover that their beloved grand/great grand son or daughter will not grow up in their culture. Wait till I tell them that my child will grow up castless and not as a freaking Brahmin... wait till they discover that I will not sit down with my child for any of their pujas...wait till they find out that I have already decided on a name for the kid and IF i have a girl, man oh man, i cant wait till they discover that we propose to ADOPT our second child - a son!!! (we have postponed our adoption procedure. Will start it after October. WE always wanted 2 kids)

I cant wait till I refuse to take anything from my MIL as gift. If she wants to give anything, she better give it to her son...I have NOT forgotten how she took back the gold bangles and rings, which she had gifted me....I DONOT want anything from her... and I definitely will not need her to babysit my baby...I am waiting to teach my child Bengali and waiting for them to UNDERSTAND finally that I will never become TELUGU just coz i am married to one, and that my child will be half Bengali....

Ok, enough ranting...signing off long girls.....

PS: I have lost 2 kgs, not something I am happy about..trying to force myself to eat now....Doc says its not a problem and that i will start gaining weight after the first trimester...but she forgets how hard it was for me to gain weight in the first place...sigh...there goes all the junk food I ate...


Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely understand what you mean. I am also eagerly waiting for this baby to arrive so I can take revenge from in-laws for the way they've treated me because we didn't have a child. Like that was our fault? At least your MIL is being sweet to you now but mine is still being a bitch. Gaa...wd I hate her.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG... too many things going on in your head. I can so understand everything you are talking abt. Just give it time and they will soon realize how precious you are. ((HUGS))

margelina said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, I say let the hormones be your excuse!

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Hehehe - one day we have to sit and swap stories about our ILs.

I am SO looking forward to having a baby whose "mother tongue" is not telugu! I'm so looking forward to a baby girl who will NOT always be in a bindi, payal and bangles. My little girl will be in cute western clothes, with clips in her hair and frilly panties - not the lehengas and whatever else!

Although I will allow my DH to teach the baby telugu - if he wants to. But I will make sure the baby knows Hindi, Punjabi as well!

If only the ILs knew all the planning that goes on in our venomous heads huh?

BTW - not good that you're losing weight! Eat whatever you like. Cheese, paneer, icecreams etc.

Good luck!

S said... Best Blogger Tips

pooh to the hormones! you will be right!

I'm theoretically a brahmin too, but havent had anything in my life that it effects, so what was the point? hmm

good luck mate ... try not to kill anyone eh!!


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

BTW - I nominated you for an award. Details on my blog.