Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the brink..

I am on that brink. On this side is laughter, love and LIFE, on the other side is darkness, darkness of depression. I know that darkness, I lived in that darkness for years and I do not want to go back. yes, I am scared... It may have been triggered by the hormones, but I know I can slide back there.

This article was published a year back. I needed to go back to it to remind myself that miracles happen, that deep inside our souls is a spark of light that can lighten even the darkness of hell.


Maybe someone out there will get a few moments of hope with this article.


margelina said... Best Blogger Tips

HUgs, hun. I'm here for you.

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Chhandita - thanks for sharing your story. It was truly beautiful. I for sure can see the hope - if only for a few moments, that you mention.

Question for you - if you're feeling on the brink right now, are you thinking of chanting that mantra? Maybe it will brighten things for you?

When is your next doctor's appointment? WIsh you all the best.

And thanks to you and Mallik for thinking of us during his visit to Tirupati. Rs 51 are definitely due to you from us when we visit next! Take care....

Animal Communicator said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok Girl,

Ask your doctor about vitamin D3. I believe it to be safe with pregnancies and if agreed start taking it. I take 4000units or you call them mcgs per day. When I was at my darkest the last few months, my mentor told me to take this and my God it has worked wonders! Most people with hormonal imbalances and depression find out they suffer from lack of vitamin D and do not need "anti-depressants' to help them---but a boost in Vitamin D3. I have suggested this to 4 other friends after my remarkable results and all say the same...AMAZING!

I remember this story and posted it one year ago. Please talk to your doctor. Or even just read up and if it is safe (which I believe it to be) take it!! Reiki coming too.

I had been wondering how you were and sorry I missed out on the last weeks. Love you! (posting under another name but I am sure you know it's me!)

S said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm sorry you've had such a hard time of it all. I can certainly understand the conflicting emotions, esp with the hormones.

I hope when you read this you're feeling better. I'm no good at helping fellow depressives really, and have no 'good' suggestions except that a few people I know had to be on light anti-depressants when they were pregnant and they were allegedly safe to take. Whatever you decide, drugs or no drugs, I hope you pull yourself out of the dark because its important to be in the right place (mentally) when your baby comes. (That came out sounding a bit preachy - and you know I didn't mean it that way).

Sending you some "hang in there" hugs...xx

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey - just to let you know, I'm going to look for you on FB. Don't be surprised if you get a request from a strange name :-)