Monday, November 10, 2008


I still have dreams of seeing a BFP...but the dreams are dying a slow death. I have zero energy to go forward with this is CD9. I dont think i am going to go for that Lap next month after all. No insurance, and not enough money....

I am trying hard to make peace with what ever is happening in my life.. trying very hard to have other dreams.... I will manage, I am a fighter and will not wallow in self pity for t long.... IUI, IVF? hah.... MONEY!!!!! where the hell is the money man??

So now my blog will be more then just trying to conceive... I hope I can make life the same too....


Xbox4NappyRash said... Best Blogger Tips

I know there are days you just think you want to walk away.

But you'll have your strength back again, I promise.

Keep it up.