Thursday, November 27, 2008

They attacked my country

Yesterday night my country was attacked. Attacked by young men who are nothing but cowards..who fight in the name of religion, when in reality they really don't understand what religion really is.. what do they hope to achieve?

Gun bearing terrorists attacked Mumbai yesterday night. Mumbai is like India's New York. The fight is still on.. They are holed up in 2 of Mumbai's biggest Hotels (Hotel Taj and Oberoi) along with hundreds of guests, many of them foreigners. They seem to be after British and American citizens... But for me all they are after is a make belief heaven.... More than 100 people have already died... Does human life not mean anything at all anymore?

Is this the world I want for my babies?

I am beyond upset...God please take care of the people n Mumbai..

On a side note..I had a very vivid dream day before yesterday I had woken up in cold sweat...the dream was about gun battle between 2 groups and I had seen my husband get shot... and today similar scenes are taking place in Mumbai..Coincidence??

TTC diary: Aunt Flow is on her way..I can feel her.... I don't want to call her the Witch any more..after all she is just doing her work... And she is very good at it...she is rarely late or early...and doesn't give me to much pain while her stay ..... I welcome her when she comes, after all its the start of another cycle...but I really wont mind if she takes a long vacation...with all the hard work she does, i do think she deserves 9-10 months off.....


Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

I was so sad to see the attacks in India. It is terrible. I will be praying for everyone affected...

Your dream gave me the chills.

Thank you for your supportive comments!

Chhandita said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the support Emily... I hate the life of fear we are forced to live..but I think our biggest victory against THEM is to go on living with hope and peace....

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

*hugs* My thoughts are also with you and those mourning loved ones right now. Such hateful, terrible things us humans do to each other, I won't ever understand.
Peace to you.

Hafiz said... Best Blogger Tips

We are so sorry for what has happened in Mumbai from the night of 27th Nov. it is almost 46 hours now and the last few hours before the nightmares are over. We are praying for the dead souls and hope the injured recover soon.