Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indian Maharaja!

I realized that I never got around to posting Danny's birthday pic! So here it is :) (Four months late)

Did I ever mention how dysfunctional M's family is? There is a lot I cannot mention here coz its simply too personal. But here are two gems from their rudeness/silliness/whatever.

Incident 1. So we had a small family occasion at home recently (In M's family, small means 30 people!). The guest list included one of M's close aunt with a two year old toddler. Okay so they arrive and immediately this kiddo starts trying to pick up my 14 month old. I gently tell him not too. All this time the parents are just busy talking to others. Danny then brings out one of his toys and immediately this 2 year old grabs it and starts playing. Danny obviously wants his toy back. I did what I thought would be the best plan of action to quell any temper tantrums from either kids. I bring another toy and give it to Danny. Again the 2 year old grabs it. I then sat down with them and told them to play together. The mother just sat their and kept saying Danny is so naughty. The 2 year old finally took Danny's toy and sat alone playing with it. So I grabbed D, took out his favorite book..and well D got distracted and didn't create a scene..I planted a kiss on his forehead and said 'Good boy'..and this other lady? She gave me DAGGER looks..and another family member said that by telling D that he was a good boy I was actually saying the other is not! I mean is that wacko or something?
Then later, I was teaching D to count (he says one when I ask him to count..cute!!!) and this kids father tell another member (within my earshot) that first I need to learn to count (my husband's family speak a different language). I finally lost it, turned towards him...and counted till 10, in their language.

Incident 2. One of M's relative (his father's sister) told ME, on my face, that Danny looked like me, thus he wasn't cute. WOW!!!!!!!

Also my bloggy friend at A Field of Dreams gave me an award!

I need to rush now, so I will post more about the award in my next post.

So long peeps!!

PS: I simply loved this ICLW experience. I have discovered so many new beautiful blogs. Thanks Mel.


Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think Danny looks like his Auntie D! hahahaha

When this stuff happens with the family just remind yourself, "What other people think of me is none of my business".

My Infertile Confessions said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I don't think I would be having these people over much! What did your hubby do when all this was happening? I totally would have lost it too! You are strong!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness I would be so mad! You did good to not blow up at everyone!

You sweet boy is adorable!


Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

laugh. you probably did when you typed it. We did when we read it and if those people could see themselves as they are, they'd be mortified... and then they'd laugh ;)

nh said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhh, families; can't live with 'em, can't live without them. Except I suppose many of us could live without our in-laws.


Baby Bump Wanted said... Best Blogger Tips

They say you can choose your friends but not your family.
Danny is a cutie

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Family can be something... can't they? Yeah... I tend to get worked up about rude comments just like you. And DH keeps telling me... Hear it one ear and let it out the other. I am sure you have heard of that one before. Good Luck!

And damn... Mr Maharaja is rocking! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ICLW - Yikes. How disrespectful! Besides, I think your son is beautiful - so that must mean you are beautiful too!

C said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know about looking like Aunt D, but I sure hope he inherits Aunt D's goodness of heart!!!

My Hopeful Journey said... Best Blogger Tips

I could go on and on about this topic but I won't. I will simply say I totally get it and leave it at that! ICLW #137

Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Chhandy, it was a joke! And I am laughing so hard at the joke because you didn't understand it! Love you!!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy cow.....jealousy brewing there? I love that you turned and started counting in their language...haha!

ICLW #67

- Mrs. D said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

So neat to read your story... we were recommended to start IUIs, too, but we weren't sure that was the right decision for us. Then, a miracle happened :)

I am going to follow from here on out!


- Mrs. D said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, and ADORABLE pic... Danny is so cute!

C said... Best Blogger Tips

Danelle, arghh now u know M so STUPID! muaahws

Tasha said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute birthday picture of your little man! He is adorable! Happy belated birthday to him!