Saturday, August 6, 2011

A blog with substance

One of my favourite bloggers, Aisha just passed on this wonderful award. 

Thanks so much Aisha! Aisha is a fellow desi and I love to read her posts because I feel she speaks my language. And her comments are always insightful. 

The rules are simple:
Name 7 random things about yourself and nominate 7 bloggers.

Here are some random facts about me:
  • ·         I never ate eggs on the day of my exams. You know egg=circle= zero? Stupid, I know.
  • ·         Till I stated working in 2003, I had a haircut every 2-3 months and my hairstylist was my brother!
  • ·         I am still friends with all but one of my exes. The one I am not friends with was the one I was engaged to for 4 years and who cheated on me. His loss really, don’t you think?
  • ·         I was a raving hypochondriac as a teenager! Not so much now thankfully.
  • ·         I hate shopping. And bargaining. I just go and pick up the first thing I see.
  • ·         I have no cousins. My dad was an only child. So is my mom. My parents made up for the lack of relatives by having 5 kids! My 3 sisters and brother are all the family I have.
  • The first time I smoked was when I was a 15 year old. I stole some of my sister’s boy friends ciggis and took them to school – an all girls school that too and smoked in the loo with my kick ass friends.
·         And now to pass on this award to seven of my favourite bloggers.

StElsewhere – She is just an amazing blogger and an even more amazing human. It helps that she is a fellow Indian.
Esperanza and JJiraffe – I love the way these woman write. Most of time I get so involved with what they have written that I forget to comment!
Deborah– A recent bloggy friend who is just so human. I totally feel at home at her blog. She is a great support too.
Athena – My favourite Aussie! I simply adore this lady and her blogs are just out of this world.
ThirtiesGirl – Brave, brave!
The Smart One – What can I say about her that hasn’t been said before?


Esperanza said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the award! I shall put it up and do the post as soon as I can!

I love that you're stylist was your brother. That is awesome. I need a hair cut so bad but I'm growing it out and I can finally get it in a pony tail and I'm not about to cut it so it won't stay back anymore. Maybe in a few more months.

a field of dreams said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the award. I will do my post very soon. I never eat eggs at all!

Aisha said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats I love your blog :) Oh and thanks for sharing St. Elsewhere's address- I was reading her and then couldn't find her blog address on my bookmarks! Didn't know she was a fellow desi.

St Elsewhere said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the award....

I never wore new undies on the days I had an exam. Of course, I wore undies but never opened a new packet to wear or so....;-)

I tried my gardener's bidi stub...that was the first encounter with cigarettes.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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Aramelle {One Wheeler's World} said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girlie...
Just checking in on you, as it's been a long while. I hope that you are well! Miss you!!!