Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did the time go?

Danny is 10 months old...time sure is flying. What is he upto? Crawling up a storm, standing, crusing. Says mama and dada and HI!!! waves goodbye, claps, blows kisses (its too damn cute) and actually says muaahww...he points to things like the fan. can actually point out an apple, a dog in his book. Is trying to says his name (when we say "say Agastya" he says "atta" lol)

What he is NOT doing!

Not really eating his solids..he just tastes stuff..far far away from three solid meals...

Sleeping through the night. Does NOT sleep more then 4-5 hours at a stretch. Its been more then a year since I slept more then 5 hours at a stretch....

His leg is still not perfect. we need to continue with the treatment for 2 more months. But the doc says his leg will be perect.

What about me? well as my last post made clear, am tired. I have lost a ton of weight. I need to gain weight. Its not easy to do it all alone with almost no help. I am sleep deprived and have developed insomnia now. I can't sleep even when Danny sleeps. I have avoided taking sleeping pills but now I think I do need some kind of treatment. I need some ME time...

Here is a picture of my big boy :)


mak'n Changes said... Best Blogger Tips

he is gorgeous!

Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

There are plenty of acupuncturists in your area. Phone one up and get acupuncture done. I think they will even come to your home.

Cyndi W said... Best Blogger Tips

Your "big baby boy" is beautiful. I can't believe he is already 10 months old. Before you know it he will truly be a big boy and going to school and you will be able to gets lots of sleep. However, I agree with the top two comments, you need to do something to get sleep "NOW"! Acupuncture is a more natural method. Please send me another message and let me know how you are doing. Thank you for all the kind comments left on my blog.