Tuesday, March 9, 2010


You should be happy. You have everything you ever wanted. Life is complete. But you feel that gnawing hole in your existence. Something is missing. Something so intangible, that you don’t even know what it is, forget about getting it. Maybe that’s how life is supposed to be. Maybe it is just not possible to be completely happy and satisfied. Maybe but I just can’t accept that. There cannot be any other reason for our existence but to be happy. All we do, every action of ours is in pursuance of happiness.So why are we never truly and completely happy? Why is there something missing in life, no matter what we achieve or possess?Personally I believe that the happiness comes in the working for the desired goal, not in achieving it. Couples that are always WORKING at making their marriage successful are happy because they are not content to sit back and say, “Well, I’m now happy, nothing else to do.” Getting our home or yard decorated or landscaped is fun while we are doing it. Not in standing on the sidewalk with our hands on our hips looking at it. We often THINK that when we are done we will then be happy, not so. Anticipating a long vacation, planning, arranging details, making reservations is often more engrossing and rewarding than actually doing the anticipated activities.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I so agree. It's so difficult to remember that while you're still going through your journey. The end after the contentment feels empty, leading you to WANT to go to work on new stuff.

I'm learning to be passionate about all i do. Still learning.

brett said... Best Blogger Tips

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