Friday, May 22, 2009


Yup, that's how I feel. Down with a cold - bad bad cold.... and cough and sore throat..cannot eat anything, haven't slept for more than 4 hours these last few days..body aches..YUCKKKKKKK


Charlotte Heaven said... Best Blogger Tips

I do hope you feel much better very soon! Big hugs!!

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Get well soon! I'm sure the heat of Hyderabad is not helping either!

Cyndi W said... Best Blogger Tips

I am new to your Blog, but enjoy reading it so much. You are so talented with writing and expressing your feeling in words. I do hope you feel better soon. Hugs and Good Health, Cyndi

S said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope you feel better soon mate. Nothing worse than a shitty cold and cough... can you take a course of antibiotics to help? There are allegedly "safe" ones out there.