Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sperm Education - A new twist on an old joke

The newly born sperm was receiving instructions in conception from the instructor."As soon as you hear the siren, run for the tunnel and swim in a straight line until you get to the entrance of a damp cavern. At the end of the cavern you will find a red, sticky ball which is the egg.Address it and say, "I'm a Sperm." She will answer, I'm the Egg." From that moment on you will work together to create the embryo. Do you understand?" The sperm nodded affirmatively and the instructor said, "Then, good luck!"Two days later, the sperm is taking a nap when he hears the siren. He wakes up immediately and runs to the tunnel. A multitude of sperm swim behind him. He knows he has to arrive first. When he nears the entrance to the cavern, he looks back and sees that he is far ahead of the other sperm.He is able to swim at a slower pace but does approach the red, sticky ball. When, at last, he reaches the red, sticky ball, he smiles and says, "Hi, I'm a sperm."The red sticky ball smiles and says, "Hi. I'm a tonsil."

Update: 16w1d - All is calm. Waiting for the flutters in my tummy to finally mean baby Dan and not some gas bubbles. Still have time for that. Eating like a pig (but all healthy. I never liked junk food.) Its all fruits and veggies. No weight gain yet. Good thing or bad? We will leave that to the doctor to decide when I go to meet her this Saturday.

The house is peaceful and empty. Grand MIL and Akhil (Mallik's cuz brother) are not at home. Won't be till 10th May. I love this peace, although I miss Akhil, but I can manage 20 days.

Ok, time for another snack. Signing off.


S said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like everything is coming along swimmingly!! I was about 18 weeks along (and you know that I'm a "stocky turd") when I first started feeling Janaki's flutters. its a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

the weight gain thing. no idea how to comment on that, I gained appropriate amounts of weight each time, actually put ON weight in the first trimester with J because I was eating constantly to stop the nausea!

keep us posted!


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