Monday, December 29, 2014

Better Late...

We brought Aaryaana home! It's been over three months since we became a family of four. We got 'the' call on 17th September, a day after Danny's fifth birthday. We brought her home the next day. I had no clue it will be so difficult! For a few days, I was wrecked with guilt. I felt like I had betrayed Danny in some way. It took me a few weeks before I finally fell in love with this amazing baby. When she came home, she was puny - just over 4 kgs at 5 months! And she was ill and had reflux. She kept puking all the time. But now? Now she is a thriving 8 month old baby. She is spirited, oh hell, she is spirited! She is crawling, sitting, babbling, clapping, waving...she is just perfect.

Here she is with her great granny.

PS: Deborah, If you are reading this, I need that invite girl!


Deborah said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay!! So happy for you! Please keep posting!

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