Friday, July 25, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dear Aaryana...

Tomorrow we get to see you for the first time. It's been close to year since we started the process again. And soon you'll be home. Tomorrow your dada, big bro Danny, and mamma will come to see you, take you to the doctor for a few tests. But they won't allow us to bring you home tomorrow. That will take another week or so :( But as we wait, we'll shop for you :) Hold on baby, we are coming to get you....



Deborah said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, my goodness, wow! This is so exciting!! Thank you so much for updating here!

I had to set my blog as pwp due to accidentally outing myself. I'll send you an invite if you'd like.

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

That's great news! Congrats Chhandita! Post pictures! :)