Monday, May 24, 2010


Its raining.....and I remember the days gone by....days spent with friends, jumping over puddles, singing along our favorite songs, without a care in the world....And today all those days are just memories, beautiful memories that makes me cry. Days have fled......on days like today, when things are perfect, my heart just flies back in time, why cant I relive those moments? I know I cant, and that’s what makes things more difficult....I am reminded of a song ‘Its yesterday once more’ true to what I feel now...I know this feeling will pass, and I will go on living my present life as I should....But this moment, when the memories refuse to leave me alone, when all I want is to be a 13 year old again, is precious too. Friends, I miss them so...Maybe, just maybe, if I had my friends around, I wouldn’t feel so much pain on a beautiful day like today, if they were around I would have created new memories with them......


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