Sunday, June 7, 2009

When what you love is bad for you...

Here are a few pic of Hyderabad monsoon....a view from my window...

The Monsoon has arrived. After more then 4 months of kick ass heat, the rain has finally decided to show up...

I love the rain. Have always loved it... listening to the raindrops, watching the trees comes alive after the scorching summer... I love to get drenched and just go mad... This year, getting wet was out of question, didn't want to catch a cold (being preggo and having a cold is no fun)... But i realized that the rains will never be the same for me... With the first raindrops, i felt my knees and feet become stiff... Yup, my arthritis is making a comeback... The doctor had told me that the cold and moist weather can lead to a flair...

As if the bad ass pelvic pain wasn't bad enough, now my knees feel frozen. I was even scared to get down from the bed this morning and kept pretending to sleep till 10! I was just scared of the pain. But when there is a 11 year old at home waiting for food, you just cant keep sleeping...

I wish i could just let the house be in disarray, i wish i was not such cleanliness freak..... I wish I had some support system here in Hyderabad, i just want to be taken care of! Mallik helps as much as he can, but it just isn't enough. I don't want to call my mom over... I know that I will end up worrying about her instead of her helping me out. She has diabetes and high BP... She deserves to just rest instead of helping me out...

MIL can be asked to help, but I know how that will end, and I don't want all that unpleasantness...

Hmmm, self pity trip? everyone deserves to go on one, once in while, right?

PS: I just did some research and it seems that I have Diastasis Symphysis Pubis (DSP).

Its symptoms often include one or more of the following:
pubic pain
pubic tenderness to the touch; having the fundal height measured may be uncomfortable
lower back pain, especially in the sacro-iliac area
difficulty/pain rolling over in bed
difficulty/pain with stairs, getting in and out of cars, sitting down or getting up, putting on clothes, bending, lifting, standing on one foot, lifting heavy objects, etc.
sciatica (pain in buttocks and down the leg)
"clicking" in the pelvis when walking
waddling gait
difficulty getting started walking, especially after sleep
feeling like hip is out of place or has to pop into place before walking
bladder dysfunction (temporary incontinence at change in position) ..Just WONDERFUL...
knee pain or pain in other areas can sometimes also be a side-effect of pelvis problems
some chiropractors feel that round ligament pain (sharp tearing or pulling sensations in the abdomen) can be related to SPD


Devanshi ~ Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow there are so many things to comment on since I haven't read in some time. I love monsoon season here as well...I think we pretty much have the same climate year long!

You need to take as much rest as you can get. Don't worry about the house. Don't you know when that baby comes you won't have time to worry about the house. I used to be a clean freak myself, yet when Mango came here (she had urine drippage, mucky stuff etc) I just learned to "adapt" and not make it a priority any more. I was focused on her instead.

As for the "IF" question. Things happen for a reason in this divine universe. It might be the universe was letting you adapt to your new surroundings, culture, marriage, etc before bringing a baby into the world. You had so many things going on at once it is probably better it happened later rather than sooner. For Nidhi, you never know, it might be the soul of her mom coming backin this pregnancy and her mom's death is the reason why she became pregnant so fast!

Count your blessings and just thank the universe for all in your life....don't worry about the "if's and why's" just be thankful for the now.

Yea, easy to say from a gori with so many issues, eh? But I am learning too.

And I am really stumped on the gender of baby Dan. I was correct on my last 3 babies I predicted....yet I honestly have no idea with you. Love you!!!!