Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well today is one of those days when i am disturbed with what i see around me...the road i take to my office is lined with meat shops.. i literally have to close my eyes to avoid the disturbing sights. It is really disturbing to see chicken cramped in cages which are so small that they cannot even stand. well! Sometimes i see people carrying chicken in their two wheelers. their legs are tied together and the hang upside down from to the back seat! imagine 5-10 chickens tied together like this.. isn't that cruel? i close my ears to avoid hearing their screeches....

I have seen pigs being caught in the roads, i have seen cattles being herded into trucks, sometimes their limbs are broken to make room for a few more of them!

I know people love their meat, I understand. I myself was an avid meat eater. But the least they can do is show some respect for their food! At least treat the birds with a little respect till they die..Is that too hard to do?

I am tired of seeing dead dogs and cows lying on the roads. I know of incidents where people have run over dogs intentionally! We are supposed to worship the cow, yet there are people who dont think twice before hitting them. na dwhat about their owners? they want the milk the animals produce, but refuce to feed all the animals are left with are garbage to eat. So many cows have died after ingesting plastic. I am even afraid to drink milk (

and if I react people say i am over reacting...maybe i am..

i mean this is one country where people forget all about 200 people dying in a bomb blast within a time frame of 5 minutes..! so wot can i expect...

But I am going to keep on hoping..things HAVE to improve..Please let me know that there are people like me around...


sangeeta said... Best Blogger Tips

We see this around us so much that perhaps we have become hardened. Its when we read blogs like this and related links/news stories that we realise with a start the extent of morbidity we have accustomed ourselves to.


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