Thursday, February 14, 2008

Religion and Ghosts?

I am a Hindu....well, we have tons og gods and goddesses...actually we have 33 crore gods and I believe in them? No......I have simple belief system.....I believe i god, and i believe god appears in the form we want see it......I also practice Biddhism, I ahve read the bible and the quran........ and I believe tht there is no EVIL........thts wot d core of my religion teaches.....although Hinduism today has changed from wot it originally was......I read somewhere some one say tht every possessed person he saw was a christian.....reaafirms my view tht some people dont know the world outside thier own little world.. I live in India, and in India you'll find a possessed soul in every 10th house i think......and most Indians are does tht mean tht Hinduism too is some kinda "from hell" religion? spirits do not have any religion....spirits are simply looking for meaning and answers just as we are.....hey hey dont jump on me now, i am simply stating my views. As i have posted before, my brother recently had a an experience, and i do think tht it was some spirit trying to possess him, it was scary but i tell myself everynight to chant and create positive thoughts my faith in the god in me and in every atom of the cosmos makes me feel this positively...ghosts exist..but i just cant believe they are evil. it is our thoughts tht are negative and so we tend to attract forces which have similar nagative energy...sooner or later all these negative forces too will find the way and reach and merge with the ultimate reality....


Devanshi ~ Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know if it is necessarily spirits posessing us or rather the "evil eye" cast upon us by others. I think you guys call it "Nazar". WIth that anything can happen...from seeming posessed to what one would call "bad luck" with specific events. I believe ghosts exist for it's those who souls are "stuck" because of us humans who cannot let go. For instance...when my mom passed I things kept happening and I kept seeing things. It wasn't til I finally accepted her death that all of this stopped happening. I don't believe they are evil either. I imagine it is those humans who don't understand what happens in the "other realms" who perceive them as evil. We all are here to learn our lessons and hopefully most do in this lifetime...if not...we come back in the next lifetime...sometimes with even more lessons. And any religion always leads back to one God. Your belief system. :)