Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I wrote this when I was 14...I had forgotten all about it....was bored yesterday and was going through my old diaries, and discovered this….clumsy yeah, but funny what I felt at 14!!

Gone are the days of childhood
the days of innocence
the days of grace
the day when the sun never set

the days were happy
and the smile was bright
temple with a flag
or flowers in a tag....
all were made my small unsteady hands
playing was for fun
and not for exercise

the days have sped by
take with them my childhood

maturity have replaced the innocence
maturity which I wanted once....

the bright smile is now so placid
the dirty hands are now so clean
the temple is broken
the flowers have dried
the blue eyed doll has been put aside

Oh give me back my childhood
let me be free
like the birds in the sky
give me back my childhood..

let it be the last thing in my life...


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Childhood is as good as life gets, Def agree. Once you pass ignorance, you can't go back. The old saying gets truer every day:Ignorance is bliss.